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September 2nd, 2015

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August 30th, 2015

If youare going to begin working on your faculty entrance essays, you’re almost certainly questioning about which of faculty dissertation topics’ wide selection to target on. Contest or your ethnicity may be the one that you are thinking and even, it’s been a style that’s been used by several university students that are incoming . Like subjects that are different, however, speaking about your ethnicity has its pros and cons. Affirmative action and the way it pertains to school admissions The definition of affirmative action is employed to make reference to procedures that contemplate gender or ethnicity. Affirmative action has its benefits that are own, and in the situation of university admissions, it allows universities to really have a diversified student body by which pupils communicate with friends who are of a diverse contest or ethnicity than they are and can study much about various cultures. What is great about positive action is that it stops disadvantages that could usually affect people that fit in with a fraction. Schools that implement affirmative action routinely have more low-White individuals than colleges that do not apply affirmative action. Benefits of race-crafted school application documents When you come up with your ethnicity, the admissions committee can realize that you may bring about selection within the campus whenever they acknowledge you. You’ve to take into account , however, that even though the institution you are signing up to implements positive action, you still must create a college entry composition that is excellent to be acknowledged What is great about producing a entry essay with race as being a concept is that you’ll have the capacity to demonstrate your followers your ethnicity has made a direct effect on your living. Ensure that your dissertation enables your followers recognize who you’re and where you result from, together with that which you’d want to do along with your lifestyle. Just in case you have leadership potential for group or your ethnic collection, you should also discuss this aswell. In this way, the admissions reps can get to learn more about your personal living and that which you do along with your time. Drawbacks of race-inspired college entrance documents Of writing a admission essay that fights the topic of ethnicity one disadvantage is that admissions officers might believe that you happen to be relying merely on your ethnicity to obtain approved. Folks belonging to community groupings tend to be disadvantaged, since they’re more prone to be discriminated against or possess a difficult time looking to fit in. speaking about your obstacles and adversities may be superior since it could provide admissions authorities an idea of the life span activities you’ve had, but ensure that that you do not switch your article into a sob story. Instead of just concentrating on the adversities you have confronted emphasis, as a result of your ethnicity rather on how you’ve triumphed over them, or how these adversities have made into chances. Methods for writing college entrance essays If you have no thought how a school entrance article should seem like, then you may want to have a look at some test school admission essays. These are available on the net, from studying these, and you will get tips. You should also make sure that your article is free of both typographical errors, plus it should be individual and exciting.

Leap Piano

January 26th, 2013


This is still in-progress, but getting there. My son and his friend came in and tried it – and they thought it was cool, so it must be somewhat. You can now play piano with the Leap – or, that is, a virtual keyboard with almost no control. I’m going to keep working on it, but it’s enough to know that while I’ll get some more accuracy out of it, the truth is it’s not going to get much more accurate using the methodology I’m working with – which isn’t to say it’s out of the realm of the leap to be that accurate – rather I have to really build some tighter JS to handle the math to do it right.
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LEAP Proof of Concept II

January 22nd, 2013

Check out my latest proof of concept here. This time, I use Canvas to parse the colors of a file (I’m putting an uploader in) that you can then practice tracing in the air. The idea being that for kinesthetic and for low-motor-skill developing learnings, this could be a powerful tool. I have gotten canvas to show the color at my “cursor,” though I still have to work through some alignment issues. Still in-progress!

Leap Proof of Concept Game

January 17th, 2013


It’s here! I’ve finished my first proof-of-concept.

Check it Out

So, to explain… Read the rest of this entry »

Time Warner Cable, NYC

January 17th, 2013


Looking for Time Warner Cable on Yelp is NSFW – and for good reason. We hate Time Warner not just for what it is – terrible service by terrible people – but for why it is – the simple fact that there is no other option. It’s like having only one restaurant in town, no kitchen, no supermarket, and also the waiters spit on you when you sit down. Of course, that’s just in general. For the past few nights, my experience has been far worse.

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The Third Wave

January 9th, 2013



I think it’s time to talk about the way we communicate with our computers. To do that, we need to look at the ways we have in the past. Forgetting about punch-cards and switches, I think it’s fair to look at the technology that most people recognize as input devices. Then, I want to look at what’s next – how do we interact with a computer in ten years. I believe that this is something that’s starting to take shape right now – and I like to call it the Third Wave.

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LEAPin’ Lizards

December 12th, 2012



Yessss! I was accepted into the LEAP developer program. My Leap Motion controller will be here in a few weeks! The Leap controller is really exciting – it allows you to use 3D interactions with your Mac, PC, or Linux box. I’m hoping to develop some educational apps for it.


July 16th, 2012

One of the things I used to deal with as a data architect was, “Well, why can’t we just send them their password?” And the answer was always long and complex. Now, though, even my most neophyte clients understand the importance of data-level security. They no longer flinch when I say, Even though it has never happened to me ONCE I plan every database and every site as though it were going to be hacked tomorrow. And yes, I still have clients – or would-be clients – who say, Well, that’s not very secure. Well, no, it’s not. The internet, while not the den of snakes that it’s often portrayed as, is not very secure. And if you don’t plan for the worst, you’re not planning at all. Read the rest of this entry »

A Little History

July 11th, 2012

I heard, in the next room,
My son playing Für Elis on the piano.
Or piano-forte. But actually,
A Casio, which has
No hammers or pads –
Just a lonely black cord,
Connecting it to

The wall socket which runs
Copper down 16 floors
To a substation on 40th Street
Which channels the power,
From Canada,
Like a delta in the Hudson
Drips from the north making it to us.

History is like that,
Some of it even true,
Having flowed downstream
Swimming with
Rocks and Fish
Until it has a special taste,
An ironic freshness.

I want my son to feel,
Not just know,
The pluck of the harpsichord
Indefinite in dynamic, tinny,
Filling up the hall,
In the Medici court.
Just as Cristofori did.

I want him to be there,
Not just look at a picture,
With the men in the lab,
In the 1920s,
Working with vacuum tubes.
I fear the picture, thinking,
Everyone here is dead now.

From the piano to the tubes
To the Casio,
To the iPad he uses for sheet music,
The scope of history is both
Enormous and claustrophobic.
Our apartment stands in Native soil,
But was once a subterranean volcano.

Where does it end?

It makes me think of my son,
Supposed to be reading or
Playing or something else,
Standing suddenly in front of me
Arms open, ready for a hug.
Here, this is for you.

Someday I will be a picture
And the phrase will again be true.
Everyone in this picture
Is dead now.
As, I shudder at the thought,
Will he be.
And what will it matter?

That I was suddenly
If illogically,
Inspired to take him uptown to
the Met
Where they have an original
Cristofori piano,
Molded by his hands.

Will that memory mean,
Or will it mean
A small drop of something,
Hundreds of years on.
What will he
What will I

Have created?
Everyone in this picture
Is dead.
But their ghosts,
Lying there with open arms,
Whisper, Here,
This is for you.