Easter Racism – Early

Now, Everyone’s a little bit racist (isn’t that true-u, Kate Monster?)

But everyone’s just about as racist as you-u!

But you just can’t beat central subtle, ridiculous racism for letting everyone – especially our children – in on the magical world of thinking people are different because of their color or flavor. In this case, literally. Witness:

I took this yesterday on the trusty iPhone in a Hannafords in central Maine. What was most striking? Was it the “Bling bling” candy? Perhaps it was the bejeweled “D” sported by the Dude Bunny cum Arthur character. Now, as you know I am not the king of the Jesus-lovers, but let’s think this through – if you were to celebrate the resurrection of your God through, say, fertility symbols and chocolate, is this the first thing that comes to mind?

Thanks, Diva and Dude, for reminding us all what Easter is about.

PS: I’m not the only one with an appreciation!

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