Recovering Catholics

My distaste for organized religion, like my latent racism and directional sense, is not driven down any one path. If I had to give a point-by-point in that regard, I’d say it’s based on the following:

  • Religion requires me to believe in things that make no sense
  • Religion asks me to dislike, discriminate, or judge people I don’t know
  • Religion takes the rules and regs of dead men and elevates them above reason and sense

Atheism, if taken in the proper use of the term, is not an active belief in nothing, or a conscious disbelief (which is the same), rather it is a passive unbelief.  Atheists don’t not believe in the sacraments, or not believe in the Divine Word of God – we just don’t believe in it.  You never have to ask a Jew or a Muslim or any believer (that’s what we call you in politer company) if they don’t believe in Thor, or the Flying Spaghetti monster.  Atheism is the default position.  So – become and atheist and try to run for office, and see if the world agrees…

In any case, as an active member in the movement, and webmaster for, I get requests from time to time – often for product endorsements like some witty bumper sticker or a book.  This morning, I received a note about this music video – and it wasn’t half-bad so, here it is:

I can’t abide by not sharing a video burning of the pope. The Hitler Youth pope, who obsessively went after spiritually impure things like music but had little issue with child abusers deserves nothing less.

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