Atheists are Parasites – Open

We all have someone we fantasize meeting in a restaurant and with whom, having argued, we are so victorious that our opponent runs of punching walls. Mine is Glenn Beck, the shock-jock who won big by yelling about 9/11. However, one of the things that bothers me the most is the way he, like many pundits (on both sides) take for granted that they can bring on a guest whose opinions are blatantly awful, nod and agree with them, and then act as though they, the hosts, are moderates on that topic. In this clip, Rabbi Daniel Lapin makes the frankly Hitler-ian comment that Atheists are parasites. His point – that atheists are benefiting from the religious culture of our country. From abortion-clinic shootings, from Muslim and Christian terrorists? Gay bashing? What exactly, are we benefiting from?

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