Atheist Web Comic Launched

Hey web followers – you know it was time for something more hard-core than poetry to drop over here – well here it is.

Check it.

4 Responses to “Atheist Web Comic Launched”

  1. Fellow Atheist says:

    Nice comic, but as a scientist, I must quibble with it. I suspect that the best predictor of incarceration is education/intelligence (or perhaps wealth). If that were true, then this data is really just showing the correlation between incarceration and intelligence, not the correlation (or lack thereof) between incarceration and belief.

    In short, from a scientific standpoint, I don’t like that there’s no control in this little “experiment”. Yes, I know this is just a comic, but as preachers of atheism, we must be careful to also be true to its principles.

    If possible, it would be much better to present the data as a likelihood of incarceration, after controlling for factors like socioeconomic status and education level (though most education statistics are misleading–arguably, someone who parties and drinks through a a grade-inflated institution is on an entirely different level than someone who was put through the brutal MIT or Caltech grinder). The results would probably be less dramatic and sexy, but at least it would be more truthful, less impeachable, and more importantly, a better practice of the principles upon which atheism is built–after all, isn’t fudging evidence for a more dramatic presentation supposed to be the providence of FOX?

  2. From another atheist cartoonist, please send me an email! Would like to provide some supportive feedback.

  3. I love the new web comic, I think the scientist above is missing the point, it’s not a predictor of incarceration but simply a statement of the populations.

  4. Jared says:

    @Fellow Atheist & Heironymus Fortesque Lickspittle (I enjoyed typing that) – you’re both very right. Fellow Atheist, the best predictor of incarceration is previous incarceration, but that’s kind of cheating. 🙂 In fact, there are all kinds of holes to any comic that doesn’t have a page of footnotes, but I meant only to respond to (especially Glenn Beck recently) those who would say in blanket terms that there is a correlation between religious practice and belief and socially positive behavior. In one recent rant, he saw some kids in the inner city beating up another kid, and argued that it was because America had lost God. Heironymus, you’re correct in that I never implied data that could be used to predict or that was part of a causal relationship. But, we do have to have standard.
    @CodeRed – Walking through your tutorial now! Will write you when I’ve had some time to finish the system on the site – which leads me to

    @all – so – I had meant to implement comments on the comic itself and have finally done so. I would LOVE, but certainly don’t want to ask, if you could re-post there, but either way, I definitely appreciate your words of encouragement and advice.

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