Atheist Quickies #1 and #2

AS the (barely, at this point) webmaster for American Atheists, ( I get a lot of fun mail. Here’s an example:

Your website makes sweeping claims about what Atheists believe, such as, that they love their fellow man. Stalin was an Atheist. Mao was an Atheist. Did they kill millions of their own people out of love? Perhaps they were really closet Catholics publicly denying the existence of God.

Now, I get roughly 2 to three of these per day, more around Christmas. In fact, when we were on our Christmas vacation out-of-country – I was receiving around 6 or seven. So, I don’t respond to most of them – but when I do, I know they are going into the air, because just as I would never become a god-fearing Christian after getting on, the recipient is not about to stop going to church and start reading up on Dawkins. So, every so often, I’ll post my answers here – for your erudition and possible improvement as people, and because otherwise, what’s the fun?

Here’s my response to the above:


Atheists don’t believe in anything. That’s the whole point. Some of us love our fellow man, while some of us are a bit more Ron Paul about it. Either way, unless you want to talk about Hitler, Bin Laden, and McVeigh – I don’t think naming a few people is evidence for religious believers loving their fellow man.


It’s not always that innocent, though. Since this is my first, here’s a bonus one:

Name: None of your business

Just saw that the asshole on Fox news going on about Gov. Perry. Why don’t you bunch of cowards go after the Muslims or Jews and leave Christians alone? Because you are a bunch of spineless losers. Get some balls faggot!

I… didn’t respond to this (like I said, only every so!) but I did just look at it. Like there is a group that’s more scary, powerful, or dangerous in this country than the Christians? Like going after them is the easiest, but watch for what, the Jews? Going after Muslims is practically part of the Republican platform. Anyway, more to come. Just warning you.

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